Learning Beyond the Classroom: Benefits of External Educational Resources

Seamless Learning: The Benefits of Investing in Educational Resources Outside the Classroom

Students are vastly varied in their learning approaches and dispositions, and classrooms are diverse spaces by default. The structure of the typical classroom, then, is not always sufficient to create optimal learning environments for each of the individually unique students it holds—and with this comes the necessity for classroom learning to be supplemented by further resources that will help optimise the individual student’s journey through school. The benefits of extraneous learning are numerous—listed in this avidii article are the top three reasons you should consider investing in it for your children.

Personalising the Learning Process📖:

The methods and styles of learning typical to most formal classrooms across middle and high school are designed to provide students with a standardised mode of learning, and to teach them to work alongside peers. While the skill building that happens within the classroom is highly essential, it is not always sufficient by itself to foster all the skills and traits students need to become well-rounded individuals—and this is where supplementary resources come in.

👉Tutoring Sessions

Alongside your child’s academic pursuits within their official schooling system, having resources like tutoring sessions can go a long way in enhancing their learning experience. In particular, one of the most important things that tutoring can offer is the scope for personalised and individual attention from instructors. Provided the sessions are one-on-one or use small groups of students, tutors can tailor the sessions according to the student’s individual requirements and learning styles, thus supplementing their lessons at school with the sort of individual attention that most schools cannot offer. 

👉Optimal Learning

The necessity for individual attention stems from the fact that each individual student has a specific optimal learning style and varying strengths and weaknesses that are unique to them. The teaching method afforded to a student in a classroom of many children might not be perfectly suited to all of them, and teachers in large classrooms usually do not have the bandwidth or time to address the concerns and needs of every student. Here is where personalised, individual tutoring sessions will bring the most impact for your child; to address their specific needs, and to create the optimal learning environment and style for them.

Answering Questions As They Come:

👉Continual Learning

Another reason to invest in supplementary educational resources is to ensure that the time-based and structure-based constraints of school do not get in the way of your child’s seamless learning experience. Seamless learning here means the facilitation of a habit and environment of continual learning, moving past the traditional limitation of learning to school hours.

Although your child might be in the habit of studying post school hours, the lack of professional academic help within the home might be a hindrance to their seamless learning. If they are dealing with a challenging topic, for instance, and have questions for which they require help from their teachers, they would have to halt their study of the topic and wait until the next school day to get answers.

👉Motivation and Interest

This wait time is inefficient and highly likely to dampen their motivation to study. A child’s attention and interest in learning a concept is likely to be diverted if their study time is constantly broken up by the questions they have that go unanswered until a later day. Having an online and on-demand tutoring service like avidii available to your child goes a long way to encouraging seamless learning and maintaining their motivation and interest in their academic work.

Encouraging Initiative and Personal Responsibility:

Providing your child with supplementary educational resources is also highly useful to help cultivate in them a sense of personal responsibility for their own work, and a habit of taking initiative. Learning within the space of school comes mostly by default, and in some capacity through pressure. However, with out-of-school resources handy, students become used to reaching out for help. With Avidii’s model of learning, the student makes the first move—reaching out to tutors when they have questions or require any academic assistance.

This will help establish in them a more active approach to their own learning process, a trait that will continue to serve them well into their future studies. It also provides an excellent base for the seamless learning process, as the on-demand availability of tutors ensures that there is no significant gap between the time when a student runs into a difficult question or a challenging topic, and the time by which they can be given an answer.

Investing in supplementary educational resources is a great way to enhance your child’s education for a seamless learning experience. Aside from the extensive benefits that can be derived from tutoring sessions, other external resources can play equally vital roles for the diversity and impactfulness of their education.

Encouraging your child’s co-curricular interests, inculcating in them a habit of reading across a general variety of material, and helping them upskill through extracurriculars and supplementary courses, workshops and other such opportunities, are all meaningful and highly impactful ways to expand their learning beyond the classroom.


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