Online Tutions Vs Offline Tuitions: Which is Better for Your Child?

8 Reasons Why Online Tuitions is Better than Offline Tuitions

When it comes to homework and studies, sometimes the pressure gets too much, and children reach a point where they would benefit enormously from some external, professional academic help. At this time, online tuition apps, wayward tuition flyers, and other parents’ suggestions, all become part of the long and challenging search for the best tutoring solution for your child.

One common question that comes up here is this: as a parent, should I opt for online or offline tutoring for my child? Though both styles have distinct features that come with their own pros and cons, a clear winner has emerged in the last few years, in keeping with the latest trends in education technology. Online tutoring is increasingly taking the place of traditional, offline tuitions—and for a multitude of sound reasons.

1. Convenience

The biggest benefit of online home tuitions is, of course, the convenience of it. As opposed to offline, in-person tuitions, for which either the tutor or your child would have to make a commute, online tuitions allow tutors to connect with children from anywhere, regardless of location. This makes the process of tutoring much more convenient for both children and tutors, allowing them to focus better on the goal of the tutoring itself: to teach and to learn.

2. Flexibility and Time-Saving

Owed to this lack of restriction with regards to location, online tutoring can also be extremely time flexible for both students and tutors. Because online tuition sessions can be taken from anywhere, it now becomes possible for tutors to take them closer to the late evening hours, for example—as the hassle of commuting after dark is no longer present, parents and tutors can negotiate convenient times more flexibly. Additionally, by cutting out the commute time from offline tutoring, online tuitions are more time-efficient than their offline counterparts.

3. Variety and Accessibility

The vast number of available online tuition apps, as well as independent setups for online tutors, are gateways through which parents and students can get access to a wide variety of tutors with various qualifications. With the offline setup, parents are limited to the tutors who are available in their immediate locality. Online tuitions in India, however, give parents the chance to connect with expert tutors from all across the country and abroad. With this sort of exponential increase in the variety of available tutors for your child, you are far more likely to find tutors who would best suit your child’s specific needs.

4. Affordability

A big deciding factor for parents, when it comes to tuition for their child, is the pricing. With the emergence of online tutoring, you’ll find that the best online tutoring apps and platforms tend to be higher in affordability than offline tuition. This is primarily because of the lack of necessity for travel; because online tutors do not need to spend time and money on reaching your child’s location, their rates are usually relatively less than in-person tutors. Online tutoring platforms also often have offers and packages that serve to make your child’s tuition even more affordable and thus accessible to a wider range of people across income brackets.

5. Personalisation

Though there are some online tutoring setups that hold sessions for multiple students at a time, this mode of tuition is usually designed to be a one-on-one interaction between a tutor and a single student. When the two approaches are compared in this regard, one-on-one offline tuitions tend to be far more expensive than these online sessions. The benefit of having affordable one-on-one tuitions, is the scope for a much-needed personalisation of the scheduled sessions to match your child’s specific needs. Every child has unique academic needs; online tutoring is the perfect space in which your child will be given access to tailor-made tutoring solutions that will boost their performance in the most optimal manner possible.

6. Engagement

With online tutoring comes the benefit of tutors having access to a range of digital devices and softwares that are specifically designed to increase student engagement. For instance, tutoring platforms like avidii use education technology tools like interactive whiteboards, and online spaces like Google Classroom, as a means to facilitate greater levels of motivation, ease and interest in students. These digital tools give online tuitions a definitive edge over offline sessions, which are more likely to be seen by students as uninteresting or overly challenging. 

7. Ease of Monitoring

With online tutors and platforms, your child will be attending their tutoring sessions from your home, and thus under your supervision. This is not always the case with offline tutoring, which sometimes requires that children travel to the tutor’s home, another student’s home, or to their base of work. Having online home tutoring gives you the opportunity to oversee your child’s sessions, and be kept aware of their progress and the tutor’s performance.

8. Digital Literacy

A great side-effect of enrolling your child in online tutoring, is that there will be an automatic increase in their digital literacy. Under the supervision of both their online tutor and yourself, their parent, online sessions give your child the opportunity to get familiar with digital devices and different software applications, all while they use the time productively, to learn and improve their academic skills and knowledge.


For these reasons, online tutoring solutions have been taking over the supplementary education area, over the last few years. Their scope for affordability, convenience, personalisation and overall effectiveness has made them an attractive education solution for children across India and the globe.


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