Avidii Integrated Academy

Experience the future of education at Avidii Integrated Academy, designed for 9th to 12th graders. We combine traditional teaching with cutting-edge digital tools for a well-rounded learning experience.
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Exclusive Offerings for Schools

  • Digital Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Merit-Based Scholarships and Mentorship

Why Choose Avidii Integrated Academy?

Avidii Integrated Academy, revolutionizing competitive exam preparation at your school!

Tailored for classes 9th to 12th, our program combines traditional classrooms with digital tools for a holistic learning experience. Join us in shaping the future of education!

Why Choose Avidii Integrated Academy

Competitive Exam Prep Right at Your School

Choose Avidii Integrated Academy for a transformative learning experience that goes beyond traditional exam preparation, nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared for success.

Hybrid Learning for Grades 9-12

Blending Virtual and Classroom Learning for High School Excellence

Hybrid Learning for Grades 9-12

24/7 On-Demand Tutoring on Avidii App

Study Smarter with Avidii App: On-Demand Tutoring in Your Preferred Language

247 On-Demand Tutoring on Avidii App

High Quality Study Material & Mock Tests

Your Path to Excellence: Dive into Avidii's Quality Study Material and Rigorous Mock Tests

High Quality Study Material & Mock Tests

Digitally Integrated Classrooms

Seamless Learning Experience: Explore Avidii's Digitally Integrated Classrooms

Digitally Integrated Classrooms

Career counselling and Personalized guidance

Our team of counselors guides you to discover your strengths and passions, creating a roadmap for academic and career success


Safer and controlled learning environment

Your educational journey is our priority, ensuring a safe space for effective and focused learning.


Discover a new way of learning with Avidii Integrated Academy! Our digital classrooms make studying fun and easy. Using cool tech, we make sure every class is exciting and helps you learn better. Get ready for a smarter and more enjoyable school experience!
Digitally Integrated Classroom

Discover the Future of Learning with Avidii Integrated Academy!

Embark on a revolutionary educational experience with Avidii, a pioneer in EdTech. Our journey, rooted in the Swiss education sector and reaching across Germany and Austria, enriches Indian education with a global perspective. As one of India's Top 30 Startups, we proudly uphold our commitment to educational excellence. Join us in transforming education in India with globally refined resources and sculpting a brighter future for students
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