Transform your school into a 24x7 learning hub!

Empower every student with unlimited access to live teachers, ensuring continuous support and guidance throughout their educational journey.

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Key Issues Faced by Schools

  • Different Learning Paces of students
  • Learning Gaps for students
  • Comprehensive Support

What is avidii?

avidii is an innovative platform that connects students with expert teachers instantly, providing 24x7 access to personalized learning. With avidii, students can connect with the right teacher within seconds for 1:1 sessions. Our platform offers a wide range of expert teachers across subjects, ensuring a tailored learning experience that matches each student's needs and learning level, regardless of the curriculum they follow. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of instant learning with avidii.

what is avidii?

Discover personalized learning at its best with avidii

Partnering with avidii guarantees that every student in your school will have access to a dedicated live tutor, available 24/7. Experience the future of learning where personalized support is just a click away.

Experience 24X7 1-on-1 Teaching Support with avidii

Connect with a live teacher in under 60 seconds, just a click away.

24X7 1-on-1 online teaching support with avidii

Perfect for Competitive Exam Aspirants

avidii covers all subjects, curriculums, and competitive exams to support your students.

perfect for competitive exam aspirants

Effortlessly Monitor Student Progress

avidii enables seamless tracking of your school students' progress through customizable data-driven insights and detailed analytics.

effortlessly monitor student progress

Elevate Your School's Reputation

avidii empowers your school t showcase itself as a modern, technology-enabled institution that operates round the clock, setting it apart from the rest.

elevate your school's reputation

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1. How can Avidii benefit our school?
A: Avidii offers a range of benefits for schools, including access to expert tutors 24/7, personalized learning experiences for students, tracking student progress with analytics, and promoting your school as a tech-enabled institution.
2. Can Avidii cater to different learning paces of students?
A: Yes, Avidii understands that students have varying learning paces. With personalized 1-on-1 teaching support, our platform ensures that each student receives individual attention and guidance tailored to their specific needs.
3. How does Avidii address the learning gaps faced by students?
A: Avidii helps bridge learning gaps by providing customized learning experiences. With our interactive sessions and comprehensive explanations, students can overcome their challenges and strengthen their knowledge and skills.
4. Can avidii support our school's curriculum?
A: Absolutely! avidii is designed to support various curricula and educational systems. Whether your school follows a specific curriculum or offers a diverse range of subjects, avidii can accommodate and provide tutoring support accordingly.
5. How does avidii connect students with expert tutors?
A: avidii connects students with expert tutors through its advanced online app platform. Students can easily access live tutoring sessions and get matched with the right tutor based on their subject and learning needs