Avidii Olympiad 2024

Olympiad FAQ's

1. What is the Question format of the Olympiad?

Grade 6-10 Structure


    • Question Format: Each question will be followed by four alternatives, labeled as 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    • Correct Option: For each question, there will be only one correct option among the alternatives.
    • Negative Marking: There will be NO negative marking for incorrect answers.
    • Scoring: Each question will carry 1 mark.
    • Total Marks: The total number of questions in the paper will be 80, and the total marks will be 80.
    • Language: All questions and choices will be available in English and Bengali languages.
Subject Distribution:
  • Mathematics: 20 Questions
  • Science: 20 Questions
  • English: 20 Questions
  • General Awareness: 20 Questions

Grade 11-12 Structure


  • Section I: This section comprises questions related to General Awareness and English.
  • Section II: In this section, Students will find questions based on Physics and Chemistry subjects.
  • Section III: Questions in this section are designed to test Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
  • Section IV: This section contains questions based on either Mathematics or Biology subjects.
  • Negative Marking: Please note that in Section III and IV, 0.5 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. No marks will be deducted in case the question is not attempted.
  • Scoring: Each question will carry 2 marks.
    • Correct Option: For each question, there is only one correct option among the alternatives.
    • Total Marks: The total number of questions in the paper is 50, and the total marks available are 100.
Subject Distribution: As per below table

Section No

Name of the Section

No of Questions


Total Marks


English and 

General Awareness



15 x 2 = 30


Physics and Chemistry



14 x 2 = 28



Physics - 3

Chemistry - 3



6 x 2 = 12


Mathematics / Biology



15 x 2 = 30





100 Marks

*HOTS - Higher Order Thinking Skills

2. Which subjects will be covered in avidii Olympiad Exam?

Grade 6-10

  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • English
  • General Awareness

Grade 11-12

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics / Biology
  • English
  • General Awareness
3. Which syllabus will be covered in the exam?
A: The syllabus of their respective standard State board will be covered as the basic syllabus.
4. What will be the duration of the exam?
A: Exam Duration – 120 minutes
5. What will be the role of the school?

The role of schools in conducting online Olympiad exams involves several key responsibilities, and creating awareness about the importance of the exam and encouraging students to focus on relevant syllabus topics is one of them. Here's an expanded role for schools in this context:

  • Awareness and Promotion: 

Schools should actively promote the Olympiad exam to their students, emphasizing its significance in enhancing their knowledge and problem-solving skills.
Conduct orientation sessions or workshops to inform students about the purpose, format, and benefits of participating in the Olympiad.

  • Registration and Logistics:
      • Facilitate the registration process for interested students, ensuring that they have access to all necessary information, application forms, and payment details.
  • Curriculum Alignment:
      • Encourage students to focus on relevant syllabus topics that align with the Olympiad subjects. Provide guidance on which concepts and chapters they should concentrate on.
  • Motivation and Encouragement:
      • Inspire and motivate students to participate actively, highlighting the potential benefits of excelling in Olympiad exams, such as scholarships, recognition, and personal growth.
  • Communication:
      • Maintain open communication channels with parents and guardians, updating them on their child's participation and performance in Olympiad exams.
  • Support for Diverse Subjects:
      • Recognize that Olympiads cover a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, English, and more. Schools should extend their support and encouragement to students across different subjects.
  • Post-Examination Support:
    • Provide feedback to students about their performance in the Olympiad exams and help them understand areas for improvement.
    • Celebrate the achievements of students who excel in Olympiads and acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

In summary, schools play a crucial role in facilitating Olympiad exams by creating awareness, guiding students in their preparation, and providing the necessary support throughout the process. This involvement not only benefits students but also enhances the reputation of the school as an institution that values academic excellence and encourages intellectual growth.

6. How will the students prepare for the Olympiad?
  • Familiarize with the Olympiad Syllabus and Pattern: Understand the syllabus and format of the Olympiad exam before starting your preparation.
  • Focus on School Curriculum: Concentrate on the syllabus taught in your respective school boards, as it forms the basis for Olympiad preparation.
  • Create a Study Schedule: Develop a study timetable that covers the entire syllabus and important topics well in advance of the exam date.
  • Start Early: Begin your preparation as early as possible to avoid last-minute stress and cramming. Review basic concepts and formulas from your school textbooks.
  • Take Effective Notes: While studying, make concise notes and highlight key points for easy reference.
  • Utilize Formula Sheets: Create formula sheets and place them in front of your study table for quick and convenient revision.
  • Daily Practice: Dedicate time daily to practice problem-solving. Regular practice improves speed, accuracy, and critical thinking skills.
  • Solve Mock Papers: Solve mock papers and sample tests to enhance your conceptual understanding, application skills, time management, and confidence.
  • Monitor Progress: Assess your performance and progress regularly by taking mock tests or solving sample papers under exam conditions. Identify strengths and weaknesses and work on them.
  • Thorough Revision: Consistently revise all topics and concepts studied, ideally at least once a week. Revision is crucial for memory retention and recall.

By following this structured approach to Olympiad preparation, students can effectively build their knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform well in the exam.

7. What is meant by an orientation program?

An orientation program, in the context of an Olympiad, refers to a structured set of guidelines and activities designed to prepare students for the upcoming examination. It offers them the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the competitive environment and equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills for successful participation. This program typically covers exam format, syllabus, study strategies, practice tests, and resources, ensuring that students are well-prepared and confident when they take the Olympiad.

8. What will happen during the orientation program?

The orientation program will cover the following key aspects:

  • Preparation Strategy: The program will provide insights into effective preparation strategies for the Olympiad, guiding students on how to approach their studies.
  • Exam Insights: Students will gain a thorough understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus, and the structure of the Olympiad, helping them to mentally prepare for the test.
  • Interactive Discussions: The program offers a platform for students to openly discuss their thoughts, concerns, and doubts related to the examination process.

Additionally, students will learn about how Avidii can assist them and the advantages of participating in the Olympiad. This comprehensive orientation equips students with the knowledge and confidence they need for successful Olympiad preparation and participation.

9. How do you conduct a fair exam?
  • Online Proctoring: Online Olympiad exams will have remote proctoring to maintain exam integrity and prevent cheating.
  • Technical Issue Handling: If students face network or system glitches, the exam clock will pause and resume from the same stopped time to ensure fairness.
  • Varied Question Patterns, Equal Difficulty: Different question patterns will be used, but the difficulty level of questions will remain consistent to ensure fairness and equality.
  • Technical Support: Students will have access to technical support during the exam to address any technical issues promptly.
10. How are you ensuring that the Olympiad test aligns with the educational standards and learning objectives for participants?
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of the curriculum prescribed by state boards.
  • Incorporating only the relevant syllabus topics identified during this analysis into the Olympiad test.
  • Thus, our approach guarantees that the Olympiad test closely aligns with established educational standards and learning goals.
11. What measures have you taken to prevent any potential leaks of the Olympiad test questions and maintain the confidentiality of the exam?

To ensure the security and confidentiality of the Olympiad test questions, we have implemented stringent measures:

  • The handling of Olympiad questions is exclusively managed by Avidii's academic department.
  • These questions are kept confidential and are not shared with anyone, including Avidii staff, until the day prior to the examination.
  • This rigorous approach guarantees the prevention of potential leaks and maintains the utmost confidentiality of the exam content.
12. What contingency plans are in place in case of technical issues or unforeseen circumstances that may affect the exam arrangements?

In anticipation of potential technical issues or unforeseen circumstances that may affect exam arrangements, we will implement the following contingency plans:

  • Technical Support: We will provide comprehensive technical support to students before and during the exam. This support will include a dedicated helpline and email address where students can seek assistance with any technical difficulties they may encounter.
  • Communication Protocol: We will establish a robust communication plan to promptly inform students of any technical issues or changes in exam arrangements. We will utilize various communication channels, including email, SMS, and online platforms, to ensure that all students receive timely and essential information.
  • Designated Contact: A designated contact person or team will be appointed to manage emergency situations during the exam. This contact will remain available throughout the exam duration to address any issues promptly and effectively.
  • Mock Exams: We will devise a contingency plan for conducting makeup exams. These makeup exams will be specifically designed for students who may face severe technical issues that prevent them from completing the original exam. This will ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all participants.

These contingency plans will be in place to ensure a smooth and equitable exam experience, even in the face of unexpected challenges or technical disruptions.

13. What are the details regarding Mock Test and Digital content?

Mock Tests:

  • Students will have access to Mock Tests starting two months before the exam.
  • These Mock Tests will be released weekly, totaling eight mock papers for practice.

Digital Content:

  • Digital content includes informative videos:
  • Exam preparation tips video to assist students in their study approach.
  • A video emphasizing the importance of participating in the Olympiad.
  • Videos highlighting specific topics that students should focus on during their preparation.

This approach ensures that students have ample practice opportunities and valuable digital resources to enhance their Olympiad preparation.

14. What are the details regarding Scholarships and prizes?

Olympiad Prizes

For 6th - 8th Grade

For 9th - 12th Grade

1st Prize

Apple iPad

Scholarship# + Gold Medal + 

Certificate of Outstanding Performance

Apple MacBook

Scholarship# + Gold Medal + 

Certificate of Outstanding Performance

2nd Prize

Scholarship# + Silver Medal +

Certificate of Outstanding Performance

Scholarship# + Silver Medal +

Certificate of Outstanding Performance

3rd Prize

Scholarship# + Bronze Medal +

Certificate of Outstanding Performance

Scholarship# + Bronze Medal +

Certificate of Outstanding Performance

4th to 10th Prize


Certificate of Outstanding Performance


Certificate of Outstanding Performance


# Every grade will have 10 winners, with prizes awarded from 1st to 10th place based on their performance in the Olympiad specific to that grade.

# Scholarships- All scholarships are valid only on Avidii platform or Avidii partner platform. These scholarships are for preparation of  IIT JEE / NEET Exams on avidii platform and cannot be combined or used with any other type of scholarship.

15. What are the details regarding the Counseling & Mentoring process/platform?
A: After the registration, we will be offering career counseling services to the students. These services will serve as a guidance platform to assist students in mapping out their steps toward specific career directions. This counseling will provide valuable insights and support for students as they plan their educational and career journeys.
16. What are the details regarding the registration process?

Olympiad registrations are done online. You can visit on https://avidii.com/olympiad to register for avidii Olympiad 2024.

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